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Dalnegorsk’ position

  • Dalnegorsk is located in the eastern part of the Sikhote-Alin, in the Roodnaya river’ valley.
  • There is the seaside of Sea of Japan 30 km from it.
  • 1899 – is the date of village Tjetjuche’ beginning to live.
  • The name "Tjetjuche" meaning "valley of the wild pigs" is the old Chinese name for Dalnegorsk .
  • From 1930 - settlement of city’s type.
  • From 1972 Tjetjuche was officially cold Dalnegorsk.
  • By 1989 the population of the city grew to 50 000.

Natural resources & industry


  • zinc
  • lead
  • tin
  • silver


  • chemistry (“BOR”),
  • non-ferrous metal industry (“DALPOLIMETALL”),

Flora & fauna

There are the hills covered with forest around the city. Because of particular climate there are rare and valuable plants; disappearing plants live in taiga near other ordinary to Primorye. For example: ginseng, schizandra Chinese, aralia, Manchurian nut – tree, fir – tree, mountain ash, oak, raspberries and many other ordinary and unique supports our beautiful forest. Often we can see squirrels on the trees in taiga; near the Dalnegorsk we can’t see such animals as bears, lynxs, elks and spotted deer, but nowadays amur tigers and red deer crossing the roads near the city get under the car’s wheel. This animals and some other do it because there aren’t the fodder to they – unlawful hunting do its bed point.

Holidays in Dalnegorsk

Also Dalnegorsk celebrate all Russian holidays with the country. For example there is beautiful parade for honour Victory Day. The columns of sportsman, dancers, signings, schools and big enterprises of Dalnegorsk walking in procession and giving the honour to veterans. In the evening there is big salute. But there is a special day only for city – Dalnegorsk Day. It’s celebrated the last September Sunday. This is often warm and sunny day. All day you may walk on the boulevard, listen the songs and take part in funny competitions. After evening concert there is traditionally dig salute. Also you can watch football matches, various competitions and speedway on the stadium and motocross.

“Icy town”

One of the Dalnegorsk winter traditions is to make “Icy town”. Every boys and girls, every man may make some figures of ice. Every maker want to make them icy cats, mice, dogs or others icy figures more handsome and delightful. All people like to watch them and playing in such interesting “icy town”.