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What is WLAN?

Wireless Local Area Network or WLAN (Wi-Fi) is an internet related wireless service. Using WLAN, different devices like laptops and mobile phones can connect to an access point and access internet.

WLAN stands for "Wireless Local Area Network"

Is every office required Wi-Fi connection?

Of course, in today's technical world to complete our daily tasks and projects and to communicate with our employees and for many more tasks WiFi is mandatory. Here “a seamless and secure WiFi is always preferable by any company "Now a days companies majorly going for the managed WiFi services.

What is managed WiFi?

It's a business solution that enables a seamless and secure WiFi connection for an organization by another party vendor. Here, they can manage your WiFi networks, upgrading/reducing the speed of WiFi as per the work requirement and this third party vendor companies would be available for you 24x7 for offering the continues and secured WiFi connection.

cloud managed wifi