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Why are there problems in our Russian sports?


  1. The role of sports in today's world
  2. International sport
  3. Russian sports problems
  4. The solution of the problem

Sports in today's world


In today's world sport helps people to get through different kinds of stresses and to increase life. That's why the problem of physical culture developing is so sharp.Sport may be a hobby. a pasttime or a product of a creative activity of every man. We have a growing necessity of establishing amateur sport clubs, unions and societies. Public organisations influence on the physical movement greatly not only in a country but in the whole world as well. They also influence on economical and political events,on international relations and cultural connections.

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International sport

Nowadays international sport is the main factor of establishing friendly relations. It acts as a" peace ambassador" helping mutual understanding, cooperation and good will between nations. The role of sport is great not only for sportsmen but for organisers of sport events too.

Russian sport problems

For improving health it's necessary to make mass sport and make propaganda of physical culture classes and sport. Without doubt sport has to become mass physical culture. 40-50% of the population of developing countries do sports and in Russia we have only about 11%. Health of children, youth, soldiers, smokers and drugmen appeal to the development of mass sport. We live little and we are on the 143 place in the world.Sport finances are very scarce.

The solution of the problem

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A special programme of developing and strengthening sport for 2006-2015 has been written. There will be different kinds of advertisements, special projects and information in Internet in it. Football has a special place in this programme. It is considered to be "the king of sport." Football achievements strengthen the nation prestige. Let's say a few words about figure skating. Its popularity is growing due to our famous trainers such as Tatyana Tarasova and Yelena Chaikovskaya, who have organised splendid shows "The Ice period" and "The Stars on the ice." 1467 multifunctional halls with swimming pools and stadiums will be built according to this programme and we hope about 30% of our population will enjoy sport.

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