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Проблемный вопрос

What will it be like in Primorye after five years living?


  1. Primorsky Region today.
  2. Are 5 years too much for Primorsky Region?
  3. Life in Primorsky Region nowadays.
  4. What disasters can happen in Primorsky Region?
  5. The future of my territory as I see it.
Primorsky Region

Приморский край сейчас.

Population (on October 2002): 2 071 210 people. Density: 12.5 chel./km2.

Territory - Area: 165 900 km2.

Composes - 25 districts, 12 cities, 46 towns, 617 villages.

Regional Center-Vladivostok.

Islands: Russian, Popov, Reyneke, Rikorda, on the Island of Rimsky-Korsakov, Askold, Putyatina, Petrova.

Ridges: Sikhote-Alin, Partizanskiy Livadia, Border, Western Blue, Przewalski, Bogoladza, cold, black mountains, plateaus Borisovskoe.

Mountains: Anik (1933), Oblachnaya (1856), Snezhnaya (1684), Olhovaya (1668), Vysokaya (1745), Livadia (1334), Kedrovaya (961).

Rivers: Ussuri, Arsenevka, Big Ussurka, Malinovka, Sungacha, Bikin, Samarga with the influx of Dagda, Kema, Maksimovka, Avvakumovka, Razdolnaya, Tumannaya, Granitnaya, Tur, Ilistaya, Partisanskaya, Komissarovka.

Lakes: Hanka

Жизнь в крае.jpg

Приморье в пятилетку.

We don't know what we will eat and what we will do in 5 years for sure. Primorsky Region is one of the most developed industrial regions of Russia. We have enormous potential resources. In the beginning of XX century in Primorie was opened "Far Eastern Klondike". Primorye was, in fact, the only region - supplier of tin in the Soviet Union. There are deposits of various minerals on the territory of Primorsky Krai: tin, tungsten, lead, zinc, copper, silver, gold, boron, fluorite, rare earth elements, titanium, raw materials, different coals, and others.

What will it be in five years? How will we live? What will we eat when these resourses will come to an end?

Nobody can answer this question at once. We are able to suppose what will happen to us and with us.


Жизнь в Приморье в наши дни.

Primorye combines taiga and subtropical forests. In the winter frosts reach -30 Celsius (sometimes up to -50 ° C), and in summer and 30 degrees Celsius (seats up to 40 degrees Celsius). The area is the southernmost area of taiga and the northern zone in the subtropics, which determines the richness of flora and fauna, diversity of land, warm sea to the south, the existence of a spring of water - all this allows to develop tourism.

If you do not like the quiet holiday in comfort, you are full of force and you have excess power, then you simply set up sport tourism. The fans know that extreme hiking in Primorsky Krai is the spirit and the body of true stamina and strength. It is combined with extremely calm environment. This holiday helps to escape from the bustle of big cities, to burst energy and simultaneously to feel emotional balance. You are guaranteed consistently high levels of adrenaline, acquaintance with wild, untouched nature. Sport tourism in Primorye submitted surfing, sport parachuting, diving, kitesurfing, snowboarding, mountain skiing, horse sports and other.

Our territory is very beautiful and big. We have many advantages, but there is a big lack: we live on the sea-coast, and, with time, the shape of the coast varies.

Катаклизмы в Приморье.

But there is always a big opportunity of natural disasters, because our planet is a living organism:

Я и мой край.

I suppose that we will live with great pleasure the following five years, and our beloved region will grow, prosper and be the greatest on the Earth by it's resourses and privileges. But we must protect the Nature, our atmosphere, our Planet from people's bad interference.

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