Исследование учащихся Why does an apple a day keep the doctor away?

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Проблемный вопрос

Why does an apple a day keep the doctor away?


I think that healthy food can be quick and tasty

План исследования

  1. I'll find the information about healthy and unhealthy foods
  2. I'll find the healthy recipes
  3. I'll cook one dish to prove that it's quikly and tasty

Наше исследование

I wanted to know if healthy food can be quick and tasty.

I looked through a lot of information from Internet about different foods.I found out that there are healthyand unhealthy foods.

Big burger.jpg
Hamburgers, crisps,pizza, coca-cola, sweets, fizzy drinks are very popular with yuong people. But they are very unhealthy.

I am sure, that children don't like broccoly,lettuce, celery, lettuce, aubergine at all. But they are very healthy. We don't need time to prepare hamburges or pizza. We can simply go to fast food restaurant and buy them. Unhealthy way of eating is very quick but many people have terrible stomach ache after that. Stomachache.jpg

But we need lot's of time to cook something from broccoly,lettuce, celery, lettuce or aubergine. So healthy eating takes a lot of time.

The problem is how to make healthy eating quick eating?

To decide this problem I found some information about dishes made of healthy foods. To my great surprise I saw a lot of tasty things.But again they needed time for preparation. Suddenly I found some recipes which seemed very interesing to me. Look at them:


You see healthy eating